New Day Family

In response to what our health and government officials are recommending regarding Coronavirus (covid-19), we will be suspending our church gatherings until further notice. I want to encourage you to use common sense and exercise this time to pray and draw close as family members. Since we are in the midst of a study in Romans, keep up your reading and enjoy the abundance of grace and insight found in God’s word. I would also encourage you to survey and listen to previous podcasts available on this site. I want to also encourage you that you can support the work of this ministry by giving online. Our bills, like everyone’s, will continue and we deeply value your support. Finally, if you need pastoral care, please feel free to contact me through instant messenger if you do not already have my number. Please identify who you are as you may not be in my phone directory. Remember Romans 8: 31-39!

Lloyd Rindels, Sr. Pastor


We are a grace based community of believers in Jesus Christ; following His teachings; learning to live loved; focusing on the redemptive purposes of His life in us to the world around us.

We understand that everyone is in a different stage of life and understanding of their relationship to God and has a desire to be loved, accepted, healed, encouraged and known. We love Jesus and believe that He loves us unconditionally and gave His life for us that we might receive eternal life through Him. 

If you are looking for a place where you can learn about love, trust, safety and how to learn to live loved by God and accepted by others, then welcome home to New Day; welcome home to grace.


Welcome Visitors! If you are visiting for the first time this is our schedule: We have an assortment of community groups from 10 until 10:40. We also have open fellowship in the cafeteria to enjoy conversation and coffee during this time. Our church service begins at 10:45. Children stay in the sanctuary during worship and are dismissed to children's church immediately afterward.  Please pick up your children as soon as the service is over.

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