We are a grace based community of believers in Jesus Christ; following His teachings; learning to live loved; focusing on the redemptive purposes of His life in us to the world around us.

We understand that everyone is in a different stage of life and understanding of their relationship to God and has a desire to be loved, accepted, healed, encouraged and known. We love Jesus and believe that He loves us unconditionally and gave His life for us that we might receive eternal life through Him. 

If you are looking for a place where you can learn about love, trust, safety and how to learn to live loved by God and accepted by others, then welcome home to New Day; welcome home to grace.

upcoming events

Welcome Visitors! If you are visiting for the first time this is our schedule: We have an assortment of community groups lasting from 10 until 10:35. This list is posted in the entryway where you get your bulletin. Our church service begins at 10:45. We do have open fellowship in the cafeteria for anyone to just hang out and enjoy conversation and coffee from 10 until 10:35.

If you are interested in leading a 10 am community group please contact Lloyd at lrindels@gmail.com.

An All Church Picnic will be held on Sept. 11th. Please bring

your own picnic lunch with some extra to share, as well as drinks,

chairs, blankets, etc. and we will have a wonderful time celebrating

New Day’s 11th anniversary. Noelle will host a water slide kickball

game as well.

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